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WinGate 7.1 crowd-localizable

Tue, 28 February 2012

28 February 2012
Auckland NZ

Qbik New Zealand Limited has announced the public release of WinGate 7.1

"Since the release of 7.0 last November, Qbik has adopted an aggressive maintenance and feature update schedule. WinGate 7.1 comes on the heels of the 8th maintenance release of WinGate 7, but adds one major new feature - it's now crowd-localizable." says Adrien de Croy, inventor of WinGate and founder of Qbik back in 1995. "We and our distribution partners believe this will help sales in many key markets where localized versions are preferred.

Crowd-localizable means anyone can translate WinGate into any language. To this end, Qbik developed some interesting technology, which intercepts software access to resources (which are used to store things you see such as text and dialogs), decompiles them, translates them, and recompiles the translated version before returning the resource to the application. This on-the-fly translation has quite a profound effect on the process of localisation. Firstly the data used to translate is stored in a text file which anyone can edit, so anyone can translate WinGate. Secondly changes can be quickly seen, without requiring a translator to deal with Qbik.

"By lowering the barriers to translating software, we hope more flavours of WinGate will result." says de Croy, who also hints that the technology used could be licensed to other application developers. "There is already a Japanese version in the pipeline, which we hope will be released soon, and a version for the Chinese market hopefully soon after.".

For more information, contact Qbik at http://www.wingate.com, or email sales@wingate.com