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WinGate 9 released

Tue, 20 December 2016

20 December 2016
Auckland NZ

Qbik New Zealand Limited announces the release of WinGate 9

"For WinGate 9, our main priority was performance and scalability." says Adrien de Croy, inventor of WinGate and founder of Qbik back in 1995.

"As our customer base moves to larger corporates, a 32 bit platform was becoming a problem, so we moved WinGate to 64 bits. We also undertook a lot of profiling-based optimisation to further streamline the key data pipelines in WinGate. said de Croy.

This also means WinGate 9 no longer supports 32 bit Windows, nor Windows XP or 2003 server.

For more information, contact Qbik at http://www.wingate.com, or email sales@wingate.com