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WinGate 8.4 released

15 July 2015
Auckland NZ

Qbik New Zealand Limited announces the public release of WinGate 8.4

"WinGate 8.4 is an important release for a number of reasons. Firstly it contains some important bug-fixes, especially relating to credential rules, but it also contains some useful enhancements for reverse proxy (especially https) and IMAP server users." says Adrien de Croy, inventor of WinGate and founder of Qbik back in 1995. "TLS tickets can significantly improve site responsiveness for reverse proxied https sites. Also changes to the IMAP server will benefit webmail clients, with the addition of SORT and ESORT, and also desktop mail clients with XLIST and the ability to set folder usage said de Croy.

WinGate 8.4 is a highly recommended update for users of 8.3.4 and earlier.

For more information, contact Qbik at http://www.wingate.com, or email sales@wingate.com