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WinGate 7 Release Candidate available

25 October 2011

Qbik New Zealand Limited is delighted to announce the first release candidate of the long-awaited WinGate 7.

It has been 2 1/2 months since the release of beta 3, and a lot of work has gone into this Release Candidate, including a major new feature relating to web access control.

The new Web Access Control framework allows for multiple web classifiers to provide data about site / URL category, and provides a rule-based access control framework to allow simple assigning of users to allowed categories of sites.

"Access control for the web is a key feature of WinGate, so we thought we'd provide a simplified system that can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to our policy system" said Adrien de Croy, founder of Qbik and inventor of WinGate. "Initial feedback showed some people found the policy system intimidating for some tasks, so we decided to put the development in for a simplified access control system which will cover a lot of the use-cases."