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WinGate 8.0 released

Wed, 31 July 2013

31 July 2013
Auckland NZ

Qbik New Zealand Limited announces the public release of WinGate 8.0

"WinGate 8 is an exciting release for Qbik, where we finally get to show off what we have been working on and using in-house for over a year now" says Adrien de Croy, inventor of WinGate and founder of Qbik back in 1995. "Especially HTTPS inspection, and the new web pipeline and caching..

As more and more major sites have moved to https, it has become increasingly necessary to offer a solution for scanning this type of traffic. Now WinGate users can do it.

As well as support for https inspection, WinGate 8 has some significant changes to the core web proxy code, improving throughput, reducing latency, and improving memory stability. This also includes a new http cache module, which no longer uses an SQL-based index, resulting in significant performance improvements.

WinGate 8 was previously referred to as WinGate 7.5, however once we counted up all the things that had been added, including some major new features like https inspection, it made sense to package it as a major version update. says de Croy

For more information, contact Qbik at http://www.wingate.com, or email sales@wingate.com