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WinGate 7.3 released

Thu, 7 March 2013

7 March 2013
Auckland NZ

Qbik New Zealand Limited announces the public release of WinGate 7.3.0

"WinGate 7.3 resolves a number of initial issues faced by the customers who are coming to us looking for a replacement for Microsoft's TMG product, which was sunsetted last December" says Adrien de Croy, inventor of WinGate and founder of Qbik back in 1995. "Specifically issues around publishing internal SSL-based websites to the internet..

WinGate 7.3 introduces SSL support in a number of areas, particularly for reverse proxying, and support for client certificates to be used when delivering mail, as well as a number of bug-fixes.

"WinGate 7.3 is a stop-gap release while we finalise our WinGate 7.5 release, which is really exciting." says de Croy. "From WinGate 7.5 onwards, we will be dropping support for Microsoft Windows 2000, as part of the move to a new development platform.". De Croy says that key features nearing readiness in WinGate 7.5. include https inspection, a new http cache system, and a retuned http proxy which is showing excellent speed and capacity improvements.

For more information, contact Qbik at http://www.wingate.com, or email sales@wingate.com