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Release Notes

The following changes have been made since the initial version of WinGate VPN 2.0.0 (build 983) was released

Version 2.6.4 Build 1338 (Released 14 October 2009)

1. Fixed an issue with the DHCP server where if an old lease referred to a scope that had been deleted, WinGate would not make an offer.

2. Signed the Wgengmon and wgvpnmon applications so they can be loaded in 2k8 server without disabling UAC.

3. Added full minidump capability for troubleshooting.

Version 2.6.3 Build 1321 (Released 12 August 2009)

1. Fixed an issue relating to SSL connections where a buffer was improperly deleted.

2. Fixed a handle leak in sockets class.

3. Fixed several buffer overwrites in SSL certificate generation code.

4. Fixed a potential buffer issue in the DHCP server.

5. Updated WinGate Advanced options applet to handle watchdog thread.

Version 2.6.2 Build 1315 (Released 23 July 2009)

1. Added filtered packet capturing facility. Captures packets in pcap format on all interfaces.

2. Fixed problem with saving VPN settings which caused a VPN only install to no longer be a VPN only install.

3. Added code to cycle DNS resolver socket to satisfy some misguided DNS servers that start ignoring requests otherwise.

4. Fixed a problem with the installer on Vista, where the driver was not being properly updated.

Version 2.6.1 Build 1278 (Released 28 May 2009)

1. Fixed an ARP problem introduced in 2.6.0 which prevented some gateway routers from communicating with WinGate.

Version 2.6.0 Build 1277 (Released 27 May 2009)

1. Fixed an issue relating to FIN/RST handling and timeout behaviour in Extended networking.

2. Resolved dialup issues on 2k3 server.

3. Fixed a problem with ARP cache timeouts and refreshing.

4. Reworked the VPN control connection mechanism to harden it against attack.

5. Added tunnel keep-alive packets to keep tunnels active through NAT devices.

6. Fixed a problem with editing schedule item actions.

7. Fixed a problem editing access rights on hosted VPNs from a remote GateKeeper.

8. Added schedule option to resynch NT user database

Version 2.5.2 Build 1217 (Released 4 February 2009)

1. Added support for Vista 64 bit.

2. Added support for Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit).

3. Fixed a problem with the dialer on Vista.

4. Performance improvement for DNS traffic to servers on the WinGate computer

5. changed the target IP for tracert-style gateway monitoring. Now checks against a.gtld-servers.net instead of (which is blocked by some routers)

6. Fixed a problem with multiple concurrent SSL connections which could cause WinGate to become unresponsive.

Version 2.5.1 build 1203 Released 22 December 2008

1. Added support for Windows Vista 32 bit

2. Added support for Windows XP 64 bit edition

3. Added diagnostic watchdog thread.

4. Dropped support for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millenium Edition (ME), and Windows NT 4.

5. Changed type for DHCP time offset option from unsigned to signed integer to allow for negative time offsets.

6. Fixed recursion depth issue in DNS resolver which would fail DNS requests returning alias chains longer than 5 levels of indirection (affected download.microsoft.com).

7. Fixed an issue in the DHCP server that was causing lease information to be incorrectly stored. This caused clients to be forced to obtain new IP addresses if the WinGate server was rebooted.

8. Fixed issue where a system message on startup could create deadlock when starting up with large NT User database.

9. Fixed locking and memory leak issue in RIP manager.

10.Fixed protocol error in GateKeeper which could cause GateKeeper to stop displaying updates

11.Fixed slow memory leak in Nat control which could occur under high load on multi-CPU machines

12.Fixed race condition in the ENS driver which could result in empty messages being sent to the Nat control (results in Error log in WinGate NAT log).

13.Fixed problem with DNS service socket becoming unavailable under heavy load

Version 2.2.0 build 1121 Released: 23 November 2006

1. Added the server certificate manager to the WinGate VPN.

2. Couple of performance improvements in the ENS.

3. Fixed a problem in the ENS where OS-based routing could be blocked by WinGate. Affects mainly R&RAS servers with multiple clients running on WinGate.

4. Fixed a problem in the ENS where certain packets could fail checksum validation and be blocked.

5. Fixed problems with Syn Cookie handling, added 'Syn Cookie' and 'Notify on Access' options for service bindings.

6. Fixed a critical security issue relating to buffer overrun attacks on the DNS Resolver via WinGate services

Version 2.1.0 build 1068 Released: 1 November 2005

1. Routing now works also between two External interfaces. Previously was only between two Internal interfaces

2. Now report packets dropped due to checksum failures to engine (Firewall tab).

3. Fixed problem with SSL connections losing socket notifications causing sessions to hang/time out. Affected mainly SMTP reception with STARTTLS enabled, POP3 collection with STLS enabled.

4. Fixed problem with routing ICMP packets if pinging the WinGate machine itself was disabled.

5. Fixed policy issue where selecting the "Everyone" user but not setting "Everyone" as ticked could deny access to services.

6. Fixed a problem in the scheduler where some critical events could run repetitively

7. Only show computers in the network pane where these have a NetBIOS SERVER resource

8. Fixed an issue in the User database GUI when using the remote database option. There was a functionality issue with the Synchronise userdatabase on engine start option.

9. Fixed an issue with the autoupdate event in the WinGate scheduler

10. Fixed an issue where deleting certificates from the Server Certificates manager wouldn't work.

11. New functionality added to helpfile with updated DHTML features; including in-page image links and easier layouts

12. Updated helpfile content improvements, including sections for Active Directory, System Messages, Imap server.

13. Several MTU-related driver bug fixes,including fixing Path MTU discovery for tunnel packets, fixing driver-generated ICMP errors for outbound packets over MTU on tunnels.

14. Fixed an issue where if the DHCP service was disabled this wasnt reflected in GateKeeper.

15. Fixed an issue with manual overrides of network interface MTU. It Now responds to changes (increases and decreases) of device MTU.

16. Changed the way the driver analyses MSS and MTU for TCP connections. Simplified handling solves issues where the driver could learn an incorrect device MTU.

17. Fixed a problem in license management, where duplicate product entries would result in duplicate licenses being displayed.

18. Added an option for overriding interface metric. This allows administrators to prioritise routes in the ENS driver (i.e. to specify that one gateway takes precedence over another for NAT traffic).

Version 2.0.4 build 1025 released 23 March 2005

1. We now show the Remote Control Service in the stand alone WinGate VPN.

2. Improved security in the WinGate firewall by removing UDP ports 1024->4096 on a default installation

3. Improved VPN handling of private IP ranges other the 192.168.xxx.xxx.

4. Stand alone WinGate VPN now has available the Extended Network option of black holing IP's.

5. Changed VPN Connection method to prevent the broadcast of given messages to given nodes.

6. Fixed an issue with WinGate VPN which had been limiting the maximum number of RIP routes it could handle,

7. Fixed a BSOD which could occur when WinGate was under high-load.

8. Fixed deadlock in the driver.

9. Tidied up the way GateKeeper behaves when WinGate VPN is unlicenced.

10. Updated the installer to re-include the uninstall survey.

11. Numerous Help file improvements.

12. Fixed a problem with the driver, whereby upon initial connection of a VPN after a machine reboot, no traffic would move across despite the connection looking like it had been correctly established.

13. Improved the communications mechanism between the Driver and the Engine.

14. To run WinGate VPN on Windows 98, a DNS server needs to be manually specified in the DNS pane of the Resolver.

Version 2.0.3 build 1005 released 16 September 2004

1. Fixed some minor installer problems.

2. Fixed a bug where VPN control connections would hang if the username was invalid where using the WinGate user database.

3. Fixed a bug related to hash entry timeouts in the ENS introduced in build 1000 related to FIN-ACK attack handling.

Version 2.0.2 build 1000 released 10 September 2004

1. Changed the VPN behaviour so that Joiners details (whose properties are set to only allow tunnels to the Master (hoster)) are not published around the rest of the VPN.

2. Certificates that are generated on the fly while creating a VPN are now available instantly, rather than having to exit the dialog and re-enter.

3. Fixed an issue with GateKeeper disappearing a few seconds after logging in.

4. Fixed a bug which could cause holes in the firewall for the VPN to disappear each time the Engine was restarted.

5. Improved history database startup when the file is corrupted.

6. Improved handling of WG Engine Monitor and VPN Monitor when running in a Terminal Server environment.

7. Changed the default behavior of adapter detection, so that now an adapter with a private IP and a default gateway will now show as Internal.

8. Fixed the Right click option in the Network tab, for Local network, so that now the properties menu will display.

9. Fixed bluescreen related to UDP broadcast relaying where there were more than 32 current VPN tunnels.

Version 2.0.1 build 995 released 12 August 2004

1. Fixed a problem activating version 6 keys

2. Fixed a problem with migration of VPN certificates when upgrading from previous versions.

Version 2.0.1 build 993 released 10 August 2004

1. Fixed a problem with VPN tunnels where more than one tunnel exists between the same two IP addresses

2. Changed order of installation sequence for activation, so this happens prior to removing previous WinGate VPN version on upgrades (so the firewall is still active for the required internet connection).

Version 2.0.0 build 984 released: 29 July 2004

1. Fixed a problem with Blackholing IP addresses on some network adapters.

2. Fixed a couple of problems with activation, including license names containing special characters.