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What's new in version 2.0?

WinGate VPN 2.0 is a major update to version 1.2.3, including bandwidth throttling, support for NT user database, command shell window allowing remote access to command-line utilities, connection failover, remote gateway monitoring and selection, DMZ support, ARP responder, and several bug fixes

Release notes
The following main features and changes were introduced with WinGate VPN 2.0

1. Several improvements to overall performance and resource/memory footprint make WinGate faster, consume less memory and CPU and more reliable than ever.

2. Added a new utility to GateKeeper, providing secure access via the GateKeeper connection to cmd.exe on the WinGate server. This allows you to run console applications to perform functions like modifying the system route table, testing network connectivity with ping or tracert from the server, viewing and killing processes, running batch files etc etc.

3. Bandwidth throttling functions in the ENS. Users can now throttle bandwith for client machines, services, by time of day, direction of traffic, source and destination IPs, port and protocol.

4. Centralised certificate management added. Many services now accept SSL connections. Certificates may now be generated and accessed from a central certificate manager.

5. Enhanced support for multiple dialups has also been incorporated.

6. DMZ support has been added, with an ARP responder to assist in subnetting where there are address restrictions.

7. Fixed a problem with some RealTek network adapters.

8. Several other bug fixes.

9. Major GUI overhaul in GateKeeper, including the following features:

a) Network window overhauled, including the addition of a Network Connections frame. This allows you to see the status of your network adapters just like the OS version, with notifications of when adapters are connected or unplugged. Even on Windows 95, and NT, which don't themselves support notification of LAN cable status, you can now see when a cable is unplugged, plus more useful information like IP addresses, MTU etc.

b) Adapter Properties dialog. Double click on an adapter in the Network connections window, and view its details, and a graphical view of the traffic going through the adapter.

c) Changes to the way service dialogs are displayed. The new "TreeSheet" allows the display of many more tabs without the normal problem of tab controls becoming cluttered with too many tabs.

10. New Help file, based on HTML help.