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Purchasing from a local dealer

By purchasing locally you can ensure that you get local support in your own language and timezone. You will be able to pay in your own currency, and more easily comply with your country's laws. Many dealers also offer additional services and products, special price promotions or bundled deals which you could also find invaluable.

See our Qbik partners page for a list of dealers in your country.

Manage your Existing Licences

If you have a licence that you need to purchase or renew Version Protection for, or if you have a plug-in that needs its subscription renewed please go to our Licence Maintenance page.


WinGate is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and email needs of today's Internet-connected businesses.

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Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate

Combined with WinGate, Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate gives you the security of Kaspersky Labs' highly-respected scanning technology for your WinGate traffic. Scan email or attachments, FTP, and web (HTTP) traffic for viruses. Also protects web browsers from hijacking and iframe exploits.

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Lumen for WinGate

Lumen for WinGate is a URL classification plugin, based on a highly-respected classification engine. With a database of over 18 Billion URLs in over 180 categories, including 14 security-related categories, Lumen for WinGate provides outstanding coverage and performance. WinGate 9 only

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PureSight for WinGate

PureSight for WinGate is a web content classification plugin for WinGate 8 and prior. It allows administrators to set access policy based on the type of a site, rather than having to set policy on a site-by-site basis. WinGate 8 and prior only.

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WinGate VPN

WinGate VPN is a powerful yet easy to use IP-tunnel based remote networking solution. With special support for MS Networking and industry-strength security, WinGate VPN is ideal for organisations wishing to allow remote sites or individuals access to internal systems.

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SMS Connector for WinGate

SMS Connector for WinGate allows you to use WinGate to send and receive SMS messages using an attached mobile telephone. Incoming SMS messages can be used to trigger processing in WinGate. SMS messages can be used to alert administrators.

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WinGate SDK

The WinGate SDK enables you to develop additional modules for WinGate.

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