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Send SMS messages

You can use the SMS Connector for WinGate to send an SMS to a remote mobile telephone using a connected mobile telephone or SMS modem.

Messages may be sent to multiple recipients, and may contain WinGate data, such as access to global objects within WinGate.

For example, you can send messages containing:

  • Monitored data from performance counters on the computer running WinGate or remote computers in the same network as the WinGate computer
  • Values of configuration data for various WinGate features
  • Any globally accessible data, or data pertaining to the event in which the SMS is being generated (e.g. URL requested, email sender etc)

Coupled with data monitoring and threshold checking in WinGate, you can send alerts to a cellphone when monitored data goes outside of predefined limits, such as free disk space, network bandwidth etc.

This does not rely on internet connectivity to send SMS messages, so you can get messages even when your link goes down.

NOTE:All phone numbers must be in international format, e.g. +[country code][area code][number] (without brackets)