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What's new in version 3.0?

PureSight 3.0 for WinGate is a major update to version 2.0.1. Numerous improvements have been made to usability, performance, and accuracy, made available with the release of the new PureSight SDK. Main new features are:

1. New PureSight SDK.

The new PureSight SDK incorporates a number of enhancements to ensure accurate classification of web content. As well as improvements to the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) system which was available with PureSight 1.1 for WinGate, which can classify web sites into either sex or gambling categories based on the actual content of the web pages, there is a high-performance list-based classification system with a comprehensive database of sites and 12 new classifications. This allows you to choose the sort of content you want your web users to be viewing.

2. New documentation

Completely re-written documentation, which should provide users with much improved information about how to use the product and how it works.

3. New Installer

New custom installer, which breaks dependency on MSI files for upgrades, and provides integrated license activation.