What is Activation, how does it work?

Activation is a means by which we validate licenses for our products.

Unfortunately, because of the very high levels of piracy, copying of keys, and credit card fraud, we were forced to take steps to protect our products by implementing a system to enforce the terms of our user licensing agreements.

Such systems are now commonly in use in software sold over the Internet, and are known as activation systems, where a customer installing a licensed product is required to activate the license, thereby validating against a central server (at the vendor's site) that the license is valid, was issued by the vendor (and not a crack-key generator) and is able to be used legitimately by the customer.

PureSight 2.0 for WinGate's activation system was designed to be easy to use (a simple wizard guides you through the necessary steps to automatically activate your licenses), and flexible enough to allow customers to cope with common problems, such as having to reinstall a server.

The activation software is included with PureSight for WinGate, and WinGate itself, and may be run from the PureSight for WinGate installer, from GateKeeper, or by itself directly. The activation client takes care of all communications with Qbik's activation server, and retrieves the necessary activation files required for PureSight for WinGate to run on your machine.