Can I still use my old license?

WinGate 7

WinGate 7 requires an eligible license. Since WinGate 7 is not a free upgrade from WinGate 6, in order to be eligible, your license requires valid version protection as at 1 January 2011.

If your existing WinGate or WinGate VPN license had current version protection at 1 Jan 2011, it will be able to be activated in WinGate 7. Otherwise you will need to renew version protection.

Prior versions

Yes you can. WinGate VPN's activation client will allow you to activate any valid WinGate VPN license, from version 1.0 onwards.

Therefore you can use your license from a previous version in WinGate VPN 2.0, and benefit from the many bug-fixes, and some new features that are available with the new version.